Tourist in own city

My friend Jipp came a few days to visit me in Ecuador. The last couple of days I have showed her the city where we have seen the Panecillo 10421123_10152729909145009_9110342210346153847_n

Today we went to Mitad del Mundo which is right in the middle of the equator or (ecuador) in spanish.



First blog post here in Ecuador

I am sitting here watching over Quito, while I am writing. The view from our apartment its not to complain about. Everyday I see school children playing all day, the school is just a few minutes from our apartment. Here I am sitting watching over Quito city where people work hard and many of the people I see everyday could only dream about the life I have. We luckily got an apartment in a really nice area of the city.


So, what exactly have I been doing here in Quito, Ecuador? I came here middle of January, the first months we stayed at his parents place in a place called Tumbaco, which is about 30 minutes down from Quito. Mauricio needed to get a job as soon as possible, because he had a scholarship to study in Australia, which also means he have to work in Ecuador for 3 years. I have been asking myself many times what am I going to do all those years? Work for the national news? I don’t think so… I would not be a part of any newsagency that is one sided and lack of freedom of speech, I also need to be fluent in Spanish. I am getting there, but still some to become fluent. Hopefully after 3 years I will.


The months we have lived here I have embedded myself into a foundation called Dunamis. Dunamis works to help out young girls who have been victim of abuse and sexual trafficking. I have made a short documentary and also been taking photos of them, which they of course get a copy of. The other day I helped them to create their own photo album with scrapbooking. Continuing with that I hope to learn more about how sex trafficking is in Ecuador and how it is to be a young and unmarried woman here.


A few weeks ago I filmed and photographed for extreme response on their programs with the Quito dump. It was an extraordinary experience to meet families that work at the dump and some years ago used to live there in terrible conditions. It makes you see things in a perspective.

This photo is from a daycare center for the children of the families.